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Service scope

Our programs address all technical and business concerns necessary to achieve compliance. Each aspect is modular and may be customized or left out entirely if existing systems are in place to address it.


156 policy documents including standards, procedures, and guidelines

Systems monitoring

Centralized logging configurations, ready made alarms, and continuous monitoring

Disaster recovery

Be ready to bounce back from anything and eliminate single points of failure

Vendor management

Track dependencies and access of third parties to minimize risk and maximize transparency

Key management

Ensure access and security of operationally critical keys, certificates, etc.

Risk assessment

Pre-populated, guided assessments to help reduce attack surface and mitigate damage

Physical security

Instructions to secure physical access to sensitive documents and digital data

Business continuity

Have plans in place to ensure smooth operation and control no matter what happens

Technology management

Track technical dependencies to reduce vulnerabilities and keep everything up-to-date

Device management

Simplify support and ensure laptops and mobile devices are up-to-date and secure

Change control

Auto-link changes to tickets, unit tests and other automatically generated evidence

Business organization

Automated org charts and customized training based on org defined roles and responsibilities

Incident response

Have plans in place to address operational and legal ramifications when an incident occurs

Asset management

Ensure in-scope hardware is identified, hardened, and audited to avoid a breach

Systems hardening

Configurations and recipes to harden the network, hosts, applications, and services

Access management

Ensure consistent and auditable access for administrators, users, and service accounts


Ensure that everyone knows the policy and receive all necessary role-specific tranings

Vulnerability management

Automatically determine  relevance, classify, and address vulnerabilities in realtime

How our process works

1 / Determine necessary frameworks

What frameworks are needed? We currently have first class support for PCI DSS 4.0 and SOC2. Additional frameworks such as GDPR, HIPPA, ISO 2701, etc. can also be implemented.

2 / Determine scope

What's covered as part of the regulatory framework(s) and what isn't? And critically, what can we do to reduce the scope.

3 / Finalize responsibilities and toolset

We're happy to it all and provide all the necessary tools, but sometimes there are portions you may want to do yourself or specific tools you want to continue using.

4 / Finalize project plan

Now we have everything we need to identify responsible parties, create a timeline, and finalize the project plan.

5 / Execute

We'll do the bulk of the work and provide clear instruction and resources for the rest.

6 / Audit

Ours is a comprehensive program, which means we're with you all the way through the audit itself. We're with you till you have your certification in hand.

7 / Maintenance

We provide you everything you need to maintain your program yourself. We also offer fractional CISO services if you prefer.


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